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Our 100% expert SEO consultants will perform a complete SEO audit of your site and implement the appropriate recommendations to enable you to present Google with pages that meet the required criteria and that can be indexed easily and quickly. Would you like to benefit from a technical SEO audit?


An SEO audit is an essential step in any Google natural referencing strategy. The objective: to establish a precise and personalized action plan according to many factors specific to your activity and your website to maximize your on-site and off-site visibility. An SEO audit analyses in particular the keywords, the competition’s strategies, the website’s performance in terms of natural referencing, the architecture and the contents of the website, the technical performance, the quality and the extent of the backlinks.



Glamdea team helps you optimize the “on-site” aspect, the first step in your web visibility project. Our SEO consultants take all necessary actions to optimize your SEO strategy to boost your performance and visibility on the web. We deploy all our expertise to optimize the technical architecture of your site in an optimal way.

By offering search engines an easily indexable site with a clear and understandable tree structure, simple URLs, content targeting the right keywords, optimized templates and by avoiding the use of blocking technologies, we maximize the progress of your positioning and ensure the visibility of your pages.

Once this is done, our consultants continue the SEO strategy by developing the content and increasing the popularity of your site through backlinks.